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First Science – Book 1

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energy – mass – forces

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First Science – Book 1
energy – mass – forces

When a child begins its experience of the physical world it is aware of the energy around it. It discovers mass and the properties of mass. It begins to orient itself to the physical world, touching and reaching out. Then, through its daily experiences, the forces of gravity and friction gradually become real. As the child begins to walk, it learns how to control its body under the influence of gravity and it gains an intuitive understanding of the concept of mass and of its own centre of mass. The process of achieving this introduces the force of friction, in the form of a skinned knee!  Book 1 is comprised of activities on energy, mass and forces.


  • energy
  • mass, space, volume
  • forces, friction, gravity
  • centre of mass
  • gravity and mass
  • density
  • teacher’s notes
  • physics quiz
  • quiz answers
  • summary

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