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First Science – Book 2

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simple machines

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First Science – Book 2
simple machines

In physics, a machine is something which helps us to do work, i.e. to make something move. Simple machines are the basic building units from which more complicated machines are made. They are used to transmit forces, changing the size or direction of the force. For example, when we use pulleys, we will pull down on the rope to lift the bucket up. Also, when we use two pulleys in a row, the force necessary to lift the bucket decreases.

In this book, all of the experiments with simple machines in this book will demonstrate different ways of doing work. In the final project it is hoped students will come up with a creation of their own design which will do some type of work. If they have fun with each of the component simple machines they learn about throughout the book, they will undoubtedly come up with gadgets which are creative and amusing, as well as demonstrating an understanding of how to get things to work. This is an important concept for young children to learn, as they begin to acknowledge their ability to cause things to happen in the world.


  • Introduction
  • Teachers Notes
  • wheels & pulleys
  • inclined planes: ramps, wedge & screws
  • levers
  • projects
  • teacher’s notes
  • Summary
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