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First Science – Book 3

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more forces, more energy

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First Science – Book 3
more forces, more energy

In Book 3, we use children’s natural curiosity to help them answer some basic questions. They have been introduced to forces and energy in Book 1 (the ‘what’). In Book 2, we use forces and energy in each experiment. The children gain more experience. They also use objects with which they are familiar. In “more forces, more energy”, children are encouraged to begin to seek ‘how?’. They are shown demonstrations or carry out simple described experiments themselves. These experiments lead them to answer questions. Then, an important part, they are asked to extend themselves to look for how their experiences in physics lessons are a part of their lives (‘when else have you experienced this?’).

This book is just a starting point. What is so important is the consistent follow-through by teachers and parents to encourage the continued seeking of the basic physics in their own lives. Then the child’s life becomes its true playground, and everything in it an opportunity for discovery.


  • more forces
    • gravity
    • friction
    • gravity-friction challenge
  • more energy
    • energy: solar, water, wind, magnetic
    • moving & storing energy
    • energy conversion
  • teachers notes
  • equipment list
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