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First Science – Book 4

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First Science – Book 4

The inspiration for this book comes from the Principia, Newton’s work on the theory of gravitation. The lessons are hands-on and follow the topics Newton studied. Also included are many concepts on which to expand in the further study of science: drawing conclusions based on experimentation; following procedures; measurement; and taking viewpoints outside of everyday thinking. These processes, which Newton himself must have used in his day, continue to be used by scientists today.

The story of motion, based on Newton’s laws, is the topic of this book. There are many questions in science which are elusive and difficult to explain. This one, Newton’s theory of gravition, has a simple lesson and should be taught because it is such a beautiful example of scientific discovery.


  • Foreword by Prof. R.E. Collins
  • Introduction
  • Historical background
  • section one
    • gravity and orbits
    • gravity and the tides
    • 1st law
    • 2nd law
    • 3rd law
    • project
  • section two
  • review
  • amusement park physics
  • teachers notes
  • summary of laws
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