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Primary Physics in the Midwest Book Review – March 2013

Subject: Sunshine EducationalDate: 10 March 2013 2:17:43 AM AEDT

Dear Sunshine Educational 

I’m very pleased to announce that the March 2013 issue of our online book review magazine “Reviewer’s Bookwatch” features a review of “Primary Physics: The Principles Behind Roman Machines”. 

Here is the review: 

Reviewer’s Bookwatch: March 2013
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575

Bethany’s Bookshelf 

Primary Physics: The Principles Behind Roman Machines
Marti Ellen
Sunshine Educational
9780958670159, $22.00,

Machinery is a cornerstone of man’s technology and has been for centuries. “Primary Physics: The Principles Behind Roman Machines” discusses these archaic devices and how they serve as the grandfathers of modern machinery, and how the engineers of the day made their machines work without electricity or other concepts we take for granted. Outlining basic engineering concepts and how they were made complex, “Primary Physics” is a strong addition to history and science collections, not to be missed with its countless informative diagrams. Also from Sunshine Educational in their Primary Physics Collection is “Primary Physics: The Principles Behind Leonardo’s Science” (0958670110, $22.00), exploring the higher concepts that genius of the Renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci used in his many excellent inventions. 

Susan Bethany